Fleecy® Calm

Fleecy® Calm envelops your laundry with the scent of vanilla and honey lotus to calm your senses while it softens. Fleecy Calm dryer sheets combine softness and static control with a warming and calming scent.

-Gives your family’s laundry an irresistible softness
-Leaves a scent of vanilla and honey lotus fragrance
-Fleecy Sheets also help control static, repel lint & hair, soften your fabrics
-Use both Fleecy® liquid and Fleecy® dryer sheets for freshness and added static control.
when used with Fleecy® Liquid Fabric Softener.

Available in 80ct, 120ct, 200ct

Methyl Bis [Ethyl(Tallowate)]-2-Hydroxyethyl Ammonium Methyl Sulfate Helps to provide softness to clothes
Polyester Cloth Carries the formula
Fragrance/Parfum Provide pleasant smell and freshness