Fleecy® Relax

In today's busy world we could all use a relaxing getaway. Fleecy Relax envelops your laundry with the soothing fragrance while it reduces static cling and softens. Made with natural essential oils of lavender and ylang ylang, Fleecy Relax allows you to put more well-being into your family's laundry.

-Gives your family’s laundry an irresistible softness
-Leaves a relaxing lavender fragrance
-Fleecy Sheets also help control static, repel lint & hair, soften your fabrics
-Use both Fleecy® liquid and Fleecy® dryer sheets for freshness and added static control.
when used with Fleecy® Liquid Fabric Softener.

Available in 80ct

Methyl Bis [Ethyl(Tallowate)]-2-Hydroxyethyl Ammonium Methyl Sulfate Helps to provide softness to clothes
Polyester Cloth Carries the formula
Fragrance/Parfum Provide pleasant smell and freshness